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Clarifying 5 Common Myths About Drug Crimes with Expert Guidance from Our Drug Crime Lawyer

Every individual in California ever feels curious to know that are drugs legal in California or are drugs illegal in California. Well, carrying or possessing drugs is illegal in the state of California under legal Sections 11350-11356.5. You must be aware that possession of narcotics in California is considered a dangerous drug charge and can lead you to pay heavy penalties or prison time as well. However, keeping a drug crime lawyer from Kareem Law APC by your side helps you more in dealing with California drug laws. Also to deal with these laws in the state you must be aware of some myths about the crimes related to drugs and being a top criminal defense law firm we will explain you everything in brief.

5 Common myths about drug crimes in California explained by our drug crime lawyer

  1. All Drug Crimes Lead to Jail Time

According to typical thinking, not all drug crimes require jail. Our knowledgeable drug criminal attorney may review your case and discuss alternative sentencing alternatives, such as diversion programs or rehabilitation.

  1. Possession of Small Amounts of Drugs Is Legal

Despite misconceptions, possession of narcotics in California is illegal, regardless of the quantity. Our drug crime attorney can guide you through the legal nuances and potential consequences of possessing even small amounts of controlled substances.

  1. Drug Charges Only Impact the Individual

A person’s family, friends, the community, and themselves may all be significantly impacted by drug-related offenses. Given their understanding of the nuances of drug laws, our best criminal defense attorneys can provide you with comprehensive legal representation to protect your rights.

  1. Every Drug Offense Is A Felony in California

Drug-related charges vary in severity, even though some of them may be felonies. Being knowledgeable about California’s drug laws, our drug crime attorney can attempt to lessen the severity of the charges, possibly lowering them to misdemeanors, or get positive results.

  1. Drug Cases Can Be Handled by Any Attorney

Drug laws demand certain knowledge and expertise to navigate successfully. Our drug criminal lawyer is committed to offering our clients the best possible counsel, making use of our experience to create specialized defense plans and get the best outcomes.

Handover your drug case to the drug crime lawyer at Kareem Law APC.

Leave your drug case in the capable hands of our legal firm’s committed drug criminal attorney. Kareem Law APC’s attorney has a great deal of experience representing clients in drug-related situations, giving them the skills and information necessary to give you thorough legal counsel. Our staff is dedicated to defending your rights and seeking the best possible result for your case, from negotiating complicated drug laws to developing specialized defense tactics. You cannot afford to deal with drug charges on your own; let our drug crime attorney guide you through the legal system and defend your rights at every stage.


If you are accused of using drugs in California, you need an expert lawyer on your side. Give your case to Kareem Law APC’s skilled drug criminal attorney for individualized and successful legal representation. You may be certain that you’re in good hands because of our steadfast dedication to upholding your rights and getting the finest result. To arrange a consultation and begin safeguarding your future and obtaining a good outcome for your case, get in touch with our competent drug crime lawyer right now. Contact us at (888) 506-6519.

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