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What are the punishments for common law robbery under the penal code 211? Know from our expert criminal defense lawyer.

Legally speaking, robbery in California is the unlawful taking of another person’s personal property by force or menace, either from that person directly or from their proximity. The parts of the California Penal Code that are relevant to robbery offenses are explained in Penal Code Section 211. In the Golden State, grand theft, petty theft, and felony are assumed to be the forms of robbery. However, the heaviness, importance, cost and other essential factors of the materials you theft are generally responsible for deciding how harsh the penalty for robbery is.

You must have a strong criminal defense lawyer from Kareem Law APC by your side who may fight for your release from prison during your term. 

  • Punishments for first-degree robbery
    First-degree robbery has up to a term of three, four, or six years in a county jail. Parameters for sentences: three, six, or nine years in state prison if convicted of first-degree robbery with more than two collaborators in an existing residing or structure.
  • Punishments for second-degree robbery
    You might have to spend a duration of a minimum of two, three, or five years in state prison if found guilty of second-degree robbery. As per the common law robbery, the theft of property by compulsion or threats is the offense in dispute. Two of the many factors that affect how severe the sentence is are the specifics of the offense and the defendant’s previous criminal record.
  • Felony strike offense
    Robbery is also classified as a “violent” and thus is also known as robbery violent crime under California Penal Code Section 1192.7, which may result in a strike on your criminal record. If you are found guilty of a second felony strike violation, your robbery sentence will triple under California’s three-strikes law. 
    When you seem to be accused of a felony in CA a robbery lawyer with a broad understanding and expertise in common law robbery will prevent you from any punishment

Finding An Experienced robbery defense lawyer; talk to the experts at Kareem Law APC.

Criminal convictions for robbery charges in the state of California are met with severe penalties that may completely transform one’s life and destroy their image in public and social places. Any time in CA, if you have been arrested and accused of stealing, it is advised that you get legal advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney. They will painstakingly research the facts and the common law robbery to amaze you with the most compelling case possible. 

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A concentrated legal defense is necessary when facing robbery allegations under Penal Code 211, and at Kareem Law APC, our robbery lawyer will provide experience especially suited to these difficult circumstances. Our strategy is to analyze the particulars of your robbery accusation, from looking into the purported use of force or terror to closely analyzing identification processes and purpose. We are aware of the subtleties of first- and second-degree charges, the ramifications under California’s Three Strikes legislation, and the complexity of robbery cases. Contact us at (888) 506-6519 to get more info about Common law robbery.

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