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Kareem A. Ramdan and Malalai Farooqi, experienced criminal defense attorneys in Riverside, collaborating on a case.
Guilty pleas are not your only option. Fight your charges with a formidable team that has defended the rights and interests of clients in San Bernardino for over three decades.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer In San Bernardino


Guilty pleas are not your only option. Fight your charges with a formidable team that has defended the rights and interests of clients in San Bernardino for over three decades.

Criminal defense attorney Kareem A. Ramadan

San Bernardino Most Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

Best San Bernardino Criminal Lawyer
We carefully strategize with our clients to aggressively defend DUI charges in court and at DMV hearings at the Kareem Law APC. We investigate each of the several dozen issues that may arise in a DUI case, including why the police stopped your car, whether the officer followed state guidelines, and how you performed on the field sobriety tests (FSTs). Our years of courtroom experience have helped us find the best DUI defenses and protect our clients.

A Trusted California Criminal Defense Law Firm With A Proven Record Of Success



Kareem is aware that even exceptional individuals may find themselves in undesirable circumstances. As a defense attorney, he is proud that he can safeguard decent people by ensuring that they will not suffer for the rest of their lives if they have made mistakes in the past.

Experience Matters



Kareem A. Ramadan - A top Criminal Defense Lawyer, has vigorously defended citizens of the community and has a history of attaining exceptional results. If you have been accused of a crime or are under investigation, you should immediately obtain legal representation.



If you have been accused of committing a crime or are being investigated for committing a crime, you need the assistance of our experienced criminal defense attorney, who has a proven track record of success and in whom you can put your faith.



Delivering undivided attention to each customer provides the finest outcomes. With a single attorney managing your case, you can be confident that essential facts will never be neglected and your case will never be scampered.

Top criminal defense attorney in san Bernardino

Strong Legal Representation Matters In CRIMINAL CASES

Top Defense Attorney In San Bernardino

If you or a member of your family has been accused of a crime or if you learn that you are under investigation, it is in your best interest to contact Kareem A. Ramadan, a criminal defense attorney at Kareem Law APC, immediately. We can begin building your case as soon as you are informed of an accusation against you, taking the time to listen to your needs and uncover the circumstances surrounding your case. 

If you are currently involved in a legal matter, our attorneys can represent you in court. Since 2013, we’ve assisted countless clients with complex litigation. We can help defend you if you did not intend to commit a crime, were the victim of an unjust accusation, or were involved in an illegal law enforcement sting operation.

At the Kareem Law APC we aggressively defend DUI charges both in court and at DMV hearings by carefully strategizing with our clients to create a solid defense.

Crimes can be significantly more complex than state charges, and the stakes, in terms of prison sentences and fines, can be higher. That’s why it’s vital to make sure that you have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side to help you with your case. Criminal defense attorney Kareem A. Ramadan and his team have experience representing clients from pre-trial investigations through federal jury trials.

Cases We Solved

Recent Case Studies

Image depicting DUI charges, highlighting the expertise of our criminal defense attorney in Riverside


– Oscar A.

That's what happened to me and I was extremely embarrassed about it because I work for a fortune 500 company. A friend of mine told me not to worry and give Mr. Ramadan a call. The next day Kareem met with me on a Saturday afternoon and went over my case with me. He was quick, responsive, and hands on from the first moment I met him. The following week I received a call from Kareem telling me he was able to convince the DMV not to suspend my license. But the best news came when we went to court and Kareem negotiated my case down to a speeding ticket. Embarrassment averted. Thank you Kareem.

Illustration depicting various crime charges for criminal defense attorney in Riverside


– Allen O.

I was charged with felony 2nd degree burglary and receipt of stolen property and was prepared to go to trial, if need be. Mr. Ramadan and his investigator took a long look at my case and found several issues with the police's investigation. He worked tirelessly to present the right defenses in court and eventually convinced the prosecutor to drop the charges. My case was dismissed and we never needed to go to trial. There was no better feeling than walking out of that courthouse a free man. I owe my freedom to Kareem and his team.

Top criminal defense attorney in san Bernardino


– Reuben G.

over the years and I have been 100% satisfied with the results he produces. He is a professional and a leader when you need one in your life. Mr. Ramadan continuously reminds me why there is a difference with the attorney on your case. I was facing DUI charges and needed to beat the case in order to save my license for my job. Mr. Ramadan came through for me and got my DUI case dismissed. I am truly thankful for making the right choice by calling Mr. Ramadan.

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Dealing with police, serving time in jail, and being accused of committing a crime is very scary. When you take the first step to contact our office, we promise to listen to your complete story without a financial commitment. At Kareem Law APC, we believe in providing a free in-person criminal consultation where you can meet our team in a secure, one-on-one setting. Attorney Kareem A. Ramadan understands his and his staff’s important role in protecting our community when the government accuses you of committing a crime. When you call our office, you will always be free to share your story at no charge.

At Kareem Law APC, we understand that the only way to truly understand your case is to take the time to listen to your story. Many criminal attorneys lack the passion for patiently listening to your story and missing important details that can differentiate between a criminal conviction and earning a dismissal! As a client-focused criminal defense firm, we believe in investigating every detail of your story to determine what led to your arrest and how to create a personalized defense for your case. Whether it’s a common case of PC 647(f) public intoxication or a complex case such as PC 245(a)(1) assault with a deadly weapon, we approach each case with the same attitude of paying attention to the legal, factual and mitigating issues of your story.

The best way to fight an unfair criminal justice system is to have a great criminal defense attorney to get you through it. At Kareem Law APC, we recognize how important of a role we play in our community and strive to make our fees easy to understand and accept with your other financial obligations. At Kareem Law APC, we provide a “Flat fee” for our clients’ cases to provide certainty of what their overall costs will be during this challenging time. Our mission is to provide value in your life at a reasonable rate. Contact our office today for a free criminal consultation and take the first step in protecting your rights and preserving your future.

A local attorney chooses to practice law heavily in one region. Local attorneys can build stronger relationships with judges, prosecutors, and court staff, which can help influence your case in the right direction. A local attorney can even use his knowledge of the Judge or Prosecutor assigned to your case to build a better strategy for success. Note not all cases will require a local advantage for a successful outcome. At Kareem Law APC, our attorneys have spent their careers focused on building and maintaining relationships with key players in our local criminal justice system, specifically in the San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County areas.

Make Sure You Hire a Reliable Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney you can trust. Kareem has been practicing criminal law for more than a decade and is one of the most trusted and highly rated attorneys. Whether you need help with a domestic violence case, felony and misdemeanor cases, theft crimes, or any other criminal charges, call At Kareem Law APC for excellent legal representation. He is a compassionate criminal lawyer who will protect your rights, guide you through every step of the process, provide you with the legal counsel you deserve, and fight hard to obtain optimal results.
Call today at 888-506-6519 or use our online contact form to schedule contact with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Riverside.



Read Reviews from Our Former Clients
W MiW Mi
04:20 15 Sep 22
I was faced with a case that never in my life I’d imagine to be dealing with that could’ve had detrimental effects on my life and career ending. Kareem was the best defense I had to get my life back together. From start to finish Kareem was very attentive, informative and determined to help get this fixed and he did! The case was never filed! Thank you!
Josh kappJosh kapp
17:09 10 Aug 22
I was arrested and was facing 2 felonies in October and spent some time sitting in county jail. After calling tens of lawyers to help I immediately knew Kareem would provide the help I was looking for. He walked me through the entire court process and was very reassuring that I had nothing to worry about. It is a great feeling when you have a confident lawyer behind you. Kareem managed to get my case dismissed and I have no charges on my record now. I don’t think I would have this result if it weren’t for his help. I would recommend him to anyone. He knows what he’s doing and he is the man for the job.
Ali LodinAli Lodin
23:09 23 Jun 22
Before hiring Kareem Law I made the mistake of listening to some ads for personal injury attorneys on the radio. I did not know what to expect since this was my first time needing to hire an attorney. The first office never returned my calls and never connected me with an attorney. I thought attorneys wanted to help their clients not treat them like dirt. I found Kareem's office after a family member told me of an attorney who did excellent work on his personal injury case.From the first call with Kareem he created a strong relationship with me where I felt appreciated and heard. Mr. Ramadan was always available when I needed answers and did a fabulous job settling my case.
Anna DrachukAnna Drachuk
19:36 13 Apr 22
I was very fortunate to have had Kareem as my attorney. From our very first conversation, I could tell he was very knowledgeable and experienced. His empathy and care for my situation, were encouraging and made me feel safe. Kareem was very personable, reachable, and communicated clearly. Kareem put a lot of effort to get the case dismissed and achieve a complete resolution without the additional stress of a trial. I am beyond grateful to him!
Lynette LansanganLynette Lansangan
17:20 25 Mar 22
Never in my life, did I think I would need a criminal defense attorney. A close family member committed a federal crime and suddenly I was searching for a criminal defense attorney. I submitted an inquiry to all lawyers in the Upland area and I am so thankful that Attorney Kareem was quick to reply on a Sunday afternoon!The next day, he was already doing a jail visit with my family member. The following day, we were meeting and discussing the case in his office. Right from the beginning,Kareem expressed his care and compassion for us and my incarcerated family member. He also made us feel very comfortable telling us a personal story of his that made him appreciate nurses, which my mom and I are! This life journey of his, made us feel that he knows the value of life and our family member would be in excellent hands.Kareem was always available to answer all our questions. If you call him or text him, he will always respond right away or within a few hours. This was an extremely difficult time in our lives and Kareem was always there to ease our minds. When trying to find an attorney who is going to save your life or a close family members, you have to fully trust your lawyer and Kareem is that man. He strongly advocated for my family member and got him released from jail with a mental health diversion. This was the goal from the beginning and we could not be more thankful to Attorney Kareem for the outcome.
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    thumb Maurice C.
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    thumb Ashley C.
  •   Ramadan did a great job on my DUI case. I had just started a great paying new job, shortly after that  I got a DUI, where my employer required me... read more

    thumb Sal M.
  •   I would highly recommend Mr. Ramadan to anyone in a similar situation. He was very helpful throughout the entire process, and the final outcome was very favorable.

    thumb Erika D.
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    thumb Stevie R.
  •   I was faced with a case that never in my life I'd imagine to be dealing with that could've had detrimental effects on my life and career ending. Kareem was... read more

    thumb WaKas M.
  •   I needed a lawyer for my son that got himself into trouble. This was the best decision that I made, even though I did not have the extra money for... read more

    thumb Cherie S.
  •   Quick response even on the weekend. Atty Kareem seems like a great attorney however he was too busy for our small case. Thank you for your time.

    thumb Yara V.


Attorney Kareem uses his training and experience as a former prosecutor to defend clients throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino. If you are arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you need someone with experience to defend and protect your rights. Call Kareem.
Kareem A. Ramdan and Malalai Farooqi, experienced criminal defense attorneys in Riverside, collaborating on a case.