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Types of strategies used by our top criminal defense attorney to win your criminal case.

The best federal criminal defense lawyer’s responsibility is to choose the most effective strategies and then evaluate the entire case. Every criminal defense case is different, and the top lawyers at Kareem Law APC take into account all the relevant aspects before implementing a successful case theory plan. the arguments made in court as well as the steps done to get the criminal charges dropped and the defendants’ freedom secured. All these comprise uncertainties and shortcomings regarding any type of criminal element; the prosecution must establish beyond a reasonable doubt to get a conviction.

Learn the trial strategies that our defense lawyers in California use to win criminal trials:

  • Examine the case
    The first tactic employed by our top criminal defense attorneys to win cases is a comprehensive case analysis. This includes analyzing all available evidence, communicating with eyewitnesses, and reading police logs. The best criminal defense lawyer in California looks for flaws in the prosecution’s claim and any defenses that might be utilized to refute the allegations. This tactic is critical because it allows the defense counsel to provide a compelling case analysis that may assist the accused obtain a positive outcome. 
  • Set up a plea agreement 
    In certain circumstances, it’s sensible and logical for law enforcement and the accused to work out a plea agreement. To be qualified for a lower term, the offender must submit an apology for a less serious offense. Our top defense attorney will negotiate with the prosecution to get a plea arrangement that benefits the accused. 
  • Make use of eyewitnesses 
    These are those with specialized expertise or understanding in a particular subject that is pertinent to the case. Forensic specialists, for instance, might be called to testify on the validity of DNA evidence. Collectively with these experts, California’s top criminal defense attorney will build a persuasive case and counter the prosecution’s evidence.  
  • Raising justifiable doubt 
    Raising reasonable doubts is a popular approach used by our attorneys to weaken the prosecution’s case and defend their client’s interests. In compliance with American criminal defense law, an individual can’t be declared guilty until his or her guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt. This idea is essential to guaranteeing justice and fairness within the judicial system. The evidence does not support a conviction if it is not sufficient to reach this high standard that calls for a unanimous decision. 
  • Perplexed the systems 
    A strong defense plan may demonstrate that the methods employed by the government and law enforcement were unlawful or unfair. Because of this, the court may occasionally toss out evidence, even evidence that would have led to a conviction. 

Why is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney from Kareem Law APC?

Hiring a top criminal defense attorney from Kareem Law APC is essential if you want unmatched legal knowledge that guarantees careful case research, careful evidence examination, and thorough witness preparation. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators, excellent legal researchers, and skilled trial strategists. We offer unmatched assistance as seasoned criminal defense and crime attorneys. Our law firm provides unrivaled legal expertise and defense customized to your requirements, whether you’re looking for the greatest criminal defense attorney in the federal courts or a local criminal defense attorney. 


A criminal case takes expertise, experience, and diligence to win. The top criminal defense attorneys at Kareem Law APC at (888) 506-6519 employ a range of tactics to help their clients get the results they want. Although not every case can be won, a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will put in an endless effort to get their client the best result possible. In this stressful time, understanding when and how to engage an attorney from our law office will help you make the correct choices.

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