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Marijuana DUI: Can I Beat Marijuana DUI Charges in California?

Driving while intoxicated (DUI) refers to the act of operating a vehicle while your capacity to do so is impaired and it carries high penalties in California. Anyone facing a marijuana DUI accusation must be aware of California’s specific laws regarding driving while impaired by marijuana. In this post, we cover everything individuals must be knowledgeable in California to fight for justice in marijuana DUI cases or seek DUI settlements.

Marijuana DUI Charges: A Definition

Driving while impaired by marijuana or any other substance associated with cannabis is a marijuana DUI crime in California. It must be recognized that it is unlawful in California to work a mechanized vehicle simultaneously underneath the impact of cannabis, whether for sporting or remedial purposes. THC, the critical inebriating element of weed, has an allowed degree of 5 nanograms for every milliliter in a driver’s veins. As per a review led by the NHTSA, 56% of drivers engaged with horrible or grievous accidents had something like one medication in their blood.

How Long After Smoking Weed Can You Get a DUI?

Every person has a distinct time restriction after taking cannabis until they can be charged with DUI. Depending on the transmission manner, amount of consumption, and human beings’ metabolic rate, cannabis may stick in the human body for hours or even days after intake. While determining the precise insight may be challenging, you need to be aware that law enforcement officials always have the authority to stop you, conduct field sobriety checks on you, or make use of alternative techniques to assess your drunken state if they have compelling reasons to suspect that you are driving being drunk.

Approach Our Law Firm Takes to Defend Marijuana DUI Charges or Seek DUI Settlements

It is vital to get legitimate direction from a gifted California DUI lawyer who centers around battling cannabis related DUI cases in the event that you end up having to deal with Marijuana related DUI penalties in California. By embracing a proactive and cautious technique, our genuine gathering maintains those faulted for driving impacted by Hashish. To find any potential deformities for the circumstance, we first totally assess the confirmation and the circumstances incorporating the catch.

We effectively team up with our clients to find out about their clinical history, if fitting, and whatever other components that could affect their incapacity. This makes it easier to create a solid defense plan that is adapted to the particulars of the case. Also, we investigate all options for either fighting the marijuana DUI accusations or looking for a good DUI settlement. This can entail negotiating with the prosecution for lowered charges, researching diversionary programs, or making a compelling argument in court with the goal of getting the charges dropped.


Although facing marijuana DUI charges in California is no doubt a terrifying experience, and therefore it’s vital to keep in mind that you have legal choices. You may negotiate the complexity of the legal system and work toward a positive resolution by obtaining the advice of an experienced California DUI attorney. Contact our legal office right now if you need help with DUI settlements or are dealing with a marijuana DUI charge. Our focused team of Marijuana DUI Lawyer is prepared to argue for you in court and fight for your privileges. Be sure that your voice gets noticed by taking swift action and stopping a marijuana DUI arrest from ruining your future. Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside the Law Offices of KAREEM A. RAMADAN at (888)-506-6519 for a free review of your case. 

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