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How an Expungement Lawyer Can Help to Change Your Future and Clear Your Criminal Records?

An individual’s life is highly impacted in both personal and professional ways by the existence of a criminal record. This truly makes it tough for them to rejoin the workplace and society once again likewise earlier. As a result, many people will want to have their criminal records wiped and so opt to hire a skilled expunge lawyer in California.

The following things might generally be found on a person’s criminal record:

  • Felony offenses
  • Misdemeanors crimes
  • Arrests
  • Convictions
  • Sentences or dismissals and
  • Parole violations

Two methods exist for clearing a criminal record in California: either the record is sealed, or the offenses are erased. Recall that before beginning any procedure, you must consult a knowledgeable criminal justice lawyer at Kareem Law APC. 

How does California Penal Code 1203.4 allow you to expunge your criminal records with the assistance of an expungement lawyer?

  • Qualifications for Allegations Removal 
    Eligibility determination is the first stage in the expungement process. You must have finished probation and confirm that the offense is eligible for expungement for misdemeanors and certain felonies. This entails appearing in person or through legal representation at the expungement hearing and submitting the required documents to the relevant court. Be aware that rejection may result from any mistake made throughout this process. 
  • The Start of the Expungement Process
    Generally speaking, when probation is over, the expungement procedure may begin. Should the offense be subject to the Proposition 47 Realignment Act, an extra two-year waiting time may be required. It’s critical to complete all probationary obligations, including community service and victim reparation. Probation may end early under certain circumstances, which might hasten the expungement procedure. 
  • Addressing Probation Violations
    Although expungement is still possible after a probation violation, it frequently requires a special hearing. This hearing assesses whether justice warrants ignoring the infraction. Despite prior probation infractions, expungement provides an opportunity to clean one’s record and help one move ahead constructively.
  • Documents Completion for Expungement 
    To start the expungement process, a petition for charges removal must be filed. This involves requesting that the court reverse a verdict, dropping a confession or no dispute plea, and pleading not guilty. A hearing will be convened, but if you have legal representation, you may not have to attend.
  • The Hearing on Expungement 
    Either you or your expungement lawyer must prove during the hearing why it is in the public interest to have the conviction expunged. If successful, the accusations are dropped and the conviction is overturned. To provide time for any possible challenge, the prosecutor must be informed at least 15 days before the hearing. 

Hire a Skilled California Expungement Lawyer at Kareem Law APC.

If you were found guilty of a felony, expungement may spare you from many of the negative effects of having a conviction on your record, but it cannot reinstate your ability to own or possess a weapon unless you are eligible to do so after receiving a PC 17b relief. California law does not prohibit you from owning or having a handgun if you were found guilty of a misdemeanor. As you can see, depending on the intricacy of your case, the price of having a prior conviction erased may change. To learn more about your rights and potential remedies, get in touch with Kareem Law APC’s expungement lawyer right now. 


It is strongly advised that you get legal representation as the expungement procedure may be difficult to comprehend. You must get legal counsel from a California criminal defense attorney with experience handling expungement matters. A lawyer for expungement will assess your eligibility and help you through the procedure, ensuring that all necessary documentation is done correctly. For a prompt consultation, get in touch with the expert criminal lawyers at Kareem Law APC at (888) 506-6519 right now. 

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