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What are the legal strategies for defending sex crimes through a sex crime defense attorney?  

Anyone facing a sexual crime charge may find it terrifying. A conviction for a sexual offense can have a serious negative effect on an individual’s life, such as making it harder for them to find work and return to society. In California under Penal Code 261 an unlawful physical act is taken as a sex crime if the victim is not aware, knowing, perceiving, or cognizant that the act occurred. Although it may appear difficult to press charges for sexual assaults in California, there are some tactics you may use to strengthen your case.

As to Section 290(b) of California Penal Code Chapter 5.5, anyone convicted of sexual offenses in the state is required to register as a sex offender in the city where they now reside. Failure to register under the Sex Offender Registration Act may result in further criminal proceedings. Every case we handle at Kareem Law APC is approached with consideration and care, and we always make sure that our client’s rights are upheld. We provide the best legal representation possible to people found guilty of sexual offenses using courageous legal action and an in-depth understanding of California law. 

Potential sex crime defense strategies generally suggested and employed by sex crime defense attorneys in California: 

  • Insufficient Evidence 
    The public views accusations of sexual crimes as particularly horrible or damning, which is why they garner more media attention and publicity. Law enforcement remarks and repeated assaults in the media might give you the impression that you are guilty before your trial even starts. Don’t let these intimidation techniques stop you from obtaining legal counsel to protect your rights.
    These lawyers can gather evidence to refute a prerequisite for the criminal charge and contest the prosecutor’s capacity to establish their case. A competent Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer in California can convince the jury that there is not enough evidence to prove your guilt over probable cause.
  • False Charges
    Unfortunately, sex crime cases can occasionally arise from false accusations made against innocent individuals. Retaliation or regret are two common motives for making unfounded allegations of sexual misconduct. A premier criminal defense lawyer can attempt to get the charge dropped, present proof that the charges were untrue, or cast doubt on the veracity of the accuser.
  • Identity Error 
    Sometimes the victim will mistakenly believe that you are their attacker out of honest error. If someone looks like you and they conduct a sexual offense, you have no control over it. Nevertheless, you want to speak with a sex crime defense attorney skilled in refuting the misidentification.
  • Acceptance 
    A lack of permission is necessary for the majority of sex offenses involving two adults for the alleged sexual behavior to be considered illegal. Even though both individuals may have given their permission at the time, one of them may later file charges of committing a sex crime out of guilt or regret. 

Contact a sex crimes defense attorney at Kareem Law APC today.

A conviction of a sexual crime can have serious implications, including loss of freedom, employment, and reputational damage. Engaging in this legal struggle without the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney might be dangerous. The skilled sex crime defense attorneys at Kareem Law APC are prepared to handle the complexities of your case. 


When sexual allegations are brought in a criminal case, things may quickly spiral out of control. Prosecutors frequently take a tough stance and pursue these cases vigorously. Fighting claims from a vulnerable victim effectively takes the fortitude, subtlety, and expertise of an experienced sex crime defense attorney. It is always essential to get legal counsel from a skilled sex crimes attorney at Kareem Law APC at (888) 506-6519 to choose the best course of action for shielding oneself from the consequences of sex crimes, including fines and cases that spiral out of hand.

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