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Expunging Your California Case: Consult an Expungement Lawyer

A criminal case can be expunged from a person’s record, allowing them to start again free of penalties and disabilities. This allows you to lie about your criminal history on job applications in the private sector. It also permits you to withdraw a guilty plea in exchange for a not guilty one, resulting in the charge(s) being marked as dismissed in any subsequent background checks or live-scans.

If you have a criminal record, expunging it will give you a lot of new chances. This is one of the biggest benefits. Your arrest will still show up on your record when a possible landlord, creditor, employer, or school checks your criminal history. But it will also show that your sentence was overturned in the interest of justice. This gives you an even greater possibility of getting what you want.

What Are Steps To Fight For Expungement Case

  • Hire an Expungement lawyer – The initial and primary phase in clearing your record is to find a defense lawyer with a lot of experience. Our Expungement lawyer know how the expungement process works and will walk you through each step.
  • Fill out Form – Lawyers with a lot of experience will fill out forms for you. If you want to end probation or change a crime to a misdemeanor, you will need to fill out more forms than just the ones needed for expungement. After you hire one of our skilled lawyers, we’ll make sure the right documentation is filled out properly to improve your chances of getting your record wiped clean.  
  • File For Expungement – Your success depends on getting your paperwork in on time and correctly. You have nothing to worry about accomplishing objectives when you work with Kareem Law. Everything will be taken care of by us.

Getting Ready for Court

Your lawyer will help you get proof to show the judge that you completed your probation and haven’t done anything wrong since then. If you’ve gotten new charges or broken your probation, we’ll gather proof to convince the court that you’ve changed. This can include things like:

  • Reports from schools
  • Training for a job Employment  
  • Letters from a boss, a minister, school officials, a probation officer, etc.,
  • Counseling and Treatment program

When Can I Get My Case Expunged?   

When your probation is up, you can immediately submit a request to have your case expunged. It is possible to apply for an expungement at the conclusion of your probationary period if the court discharged your supervision early. (Section 1203.3, Penal Code). If you are found guilty of a crime or violation but don’t get probation, you must patiently await one year from the date of the ruling before you can file petition for expungement.

You are not required to figure out the complexities of expungement on your own. At Kareem Law, we will examine the details of your case, assess your chances of victory, and be by your side throughout the process.

Find A Qualified Expungement Lawyer

You can maximize your chances of getting the relief you need by working with the Kareem Law APC, where we have the experience to thoroughly identify any potential problems with your petition for expungement.Get your free consultation with KAREEM A. RAMADAN by calling at (888)-506-6519 now.

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