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Defenses Against Theft Crimes: What Your Defense Lawyer Can Do for You

Theft offenses in California law are defined as illegal activities involving the unauthorized acquisition of property belonging to someone else. The rightful punishment, which may include fines, prison time, suspension, or monetary penalties, is determined by the gravity of the infraction. 

A criminal record can negatively impact a person’s employability and social standing. All types of theft offenses are covered under criminal law, including petty theft, grand larceny, shoplifting, burglary, robbery, and embezzlement/fraud. The California Criminal Code’s Sections 484–490 provide specifics on the legal framework governing stealing offenses. This act handles larceny extensively, laying the groundwork for the systematic processing and punishment of similar offenses. Further, talk to a criminal defense lawyer at Kareem Law APC to get more understanding of how a theft robbery lawyer will represent your theft crime lawsuit in the courtroom.

List the available defenses against theft crimes in California: 

  1. Lack of Intent: In theft cases, proving intent is critical. If the defendant can show that the offenders had no motive for permanently denying the legitimate owner of their property, it may be a viable defense.
  2. Mistaken Identity: In the instance of misidentification, a good alibi or evidence indicating that the defendant was someplace else at the moment of the alleged crime may bring the defense of the prosecution into doubt.
  3. Cooperation: With the owner’s cooperation, the defendant’s conduct may invalidate criminal intent, a critical factor in avoiding a theft conviction in court.
  4. Claim of Claim: Even if the defendant was erroneous, a sincere belief that they had a claim to the property might be a legitimate defense.
  5. Duress: If the defendant committed theft under coercion or threats, the element of duress can be employed as a viable legal defense strategy.

What your defense lawyer can do for you when you are stuck in a grand larceny in California? 

In California, whenever an individual is charged or arrested for grand theft, they become liable to pay a fine/penalty of $950. Thus, if you are charged with grand theft in California, you need strong defense counsel from a defense attorney who focuses on theft cases. A theft crimes attorney will carefully consider the facts, contest the prosecution’s position, and consider any possible defenses. A skilled robbery lawyer can work with prosecutors to get the best possible outcome for the defendant by negotiating lower charges or fines.

Schedule a consultation session with a Criminal theft lawyer at Kareem Law APC.

If entangled in a theft crime case in California, our law firm extends the expertise of seasoned Criminal Theft Lawyers. By scheduling a consultation, you open a channel to a thorough discussion of your case specifics. Kareem Law APC’s dedicated legal team diligently assesses your situation, offering insightful guidance on potential defenses. We create a strategic legal route together, assuring a rigorous approach to protecting your rights and attaining a good conclusion for your future. Trust us to guide you through the complexity of your legal issues with experience and attention.


Securing legal assistance is critical while negotiating the complicated terrain of theft offenses in California. A knowledgeable defense lawyer associated with Kareem Law APC at (888) 506-6519 who specializes in theft offenses may make or break your case. Contact our Criminal Theft Lawyers immediately to set up a consultation and begin building a strong legal defense customized to defend your rights and achieve a fair settlement to your legal issues. Don’t face theft accusations alone; let our skilled team or robbery lawyers represent you.

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