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9 Important Facts You Need to know from DUI lawyer for DUI Marijuana in California

Driving under the influence, or DUI, charges can arise in the state of California from the possession or use of any illegal alcoholic drug, including marijuana, because under CVC 23152(e) it is unlawful for a person to drive or operate a vehicle after consuming any sort of drugs. While it’s not illegal to use marijuana in California, only monetary penalties may be raised, or prison time of up to six months once the driving under the influence (DUI) is proven true on someone.

It’s critical to understand a DUI lawyer’s defense tactics if you want to fight DUI marijuana accusations in California. Effective defense strategies can challenge blood test results, question field sobriety tests, and address implied consent and legal limits, potentially leading to a favorable outcome. Only the attorneys at Kareem Law APC help you free from the life-threatening charges of DUI. 

Learn the 9 Important Facts You Need to Know from DUI attorney San Bernardino for DUI Marijuana in California:

  1. Challenge the accuracy and reliability of blood test results to cast doubt on their validity in DUI marijuana cases in California.
  2. Question the validity of field sobriety tests to highlight potential flaws in the evidence against DUI marijuana charges.
  3. Explore legal nuances surrounding implied consent, understanding its implications in defending against DUI marijuana allegations.
  4. Scrutinize adherence to legal limits, examining regulations closely to identify potential defenses against DUI marijuana charges in California.
  5. Seek ways to prevent or minimize license suspension, emphasizing strategies to protect driving privileges in DUI marijuana cases.
  6. Understanding and preparing for the DMV hearing process is crucial for addressing license-related consequences in DUI marijuana cases.
  7. Differentiate between recreational marijuana use and impairment to build a nuanced defense strategy in DUI cases.
  8. Craft a robust defense plan by employing effective strategies tailored to challenge evidence and protect against DUI marijuana charges.
  9. Emphasize the importance of skilled DUI attorneys in San Bernardino in providing legal representation, highlighting their expertise in navigating complex DUI marijuana cases.

How to find a good criminal defense attorney to win your case in California?

When looking for a qualified criminal defense lawyer in California, start by asking around and carefully reading reviews. Assess their experience, particularly in handling DUI cases. Examine success rates, emphasizing effective communication skills and unwavering commitment to ensuring the optimal legal representation for your unique situation. A thorough evaluation of these factors will guide you toward hiring a skilled DUI attorney in San Bernardino who is capable of navigating the intricacies of California law, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome in your criminal defense case.

How the attorneys at Kareem Law APC will argue on your behalf against criminal charges in California court?

At Kareem Law APC, our seasoned attorneys bring strategic prowess to advocate on your behalf in California court. Drawing on their extensive experience as criminal defense lawyers, they adeptly challenge evidence, scrutinize procedures, and underscore pertinent factors such as drowsiness, memory impairment, increased appetite, and mood changes. This comprehensive approach is designed to construct a compelling defense against criminal charges, ensuring a thorough and effective representation tailored to the nuances of your case within the California legal landscape.


Appointing a skilled DUI lawyer from Kareem Law APC at  (888) 506-6519  is essential when facing DUI marijuana charges in California. The success of your case can be greatly impacted by the defense tactics, legal limit knowledge, and skillful representation of our legal specialists. You may rely on a knowledgeable DUI attorney in San Bernardino to protect your rights and handle the complications of criminal accusations.

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