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Defend Your Rights: Skilled DUI Lawyers in California

A DUI conviction puts your liberty and license at risk. However, a DUI allegation does not immediately lead to an arrest. There are numerous legal defenses to DUI that can protect an arrest from destroying your record. DUI cases are typically not useless. Police officers make mistakes during roadside investigations. Blood and breath testing are susceptible to mistakes. Medical conditions produce erroneously elevated BAC readings. Most individuals detained for DUI think that the proof against them is undeniable. Many of them are incorrect.

As reported by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (page 5), in 2019 there were the following DUI cases across the state:

  • 124,141 total DUI arrests
  • There were 4,920 felony DUI arrests and 119,221 misdemeanor DUI arrests among the total.

Based on the 2021 DUI MIS report.

What are the California DUI charges and how to beat them?

Driving while under the influence of any substance, including alcohol, drugs, or marijuana, is strictly prohibited by the laws of the state of California. Even the most insignificant breach of the agreement might have serious consequences. The consequences you face for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol are conditional on the particulars of your case, such as your age, the number of prior convictions, and any number of other factors.

Among the potential consequences are:

  • Fines
  • Administrative license cancellation
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device is required by law.
  • Volunteer labor
  • Alcohol awareness classes
  • Probationary Prison

How Can Our Legal Team Assist You Fight DUI Charges?

Reviewing the arrest and the proof against you is the first step in defending each client’s individual DUI charges.

Our skilled attorneys who specialize in intoxicated driving will:

  • Examine the probable cause that led to our client’s stop and arrest.
  • Evaluate the arrest’s legality, rights, and due process
  • Analyze the processes that are used to determine drunkenness, such as field sobriety checks and breathalyzer tests, as well as the officer’s ability to administer both correctly.

A DUI can have unforeseen negative consequences for your existence. You are aware of the importance of protecting yourself against the consequences of drunk driving, ranging from hefty fines and prison time to the loss of your license or educational opportunities. It is possible to fight back, and our DUI attorney has the necessary experience. Whether this is your first offense or you have a lengthy criminal history, our Law Firm can assist you.

For a Free Consultation, Contact Our DUI Attorney.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles have assisted numerous individuals in successfully defending themselves against DUI charges, and we can do the same for you. We offer the high-quality legal guidance that you require at this difficult time, and our DUI Lawyers are fiercely committed to defending your legal rights and working to reduce the severity of the penalties that you will be required to serve.

It all starts with a single phone call to Kareem Law APC at (888)-506-6519 for a free case evaluation or simply send a quick email to make an appointment to fully discuss your charges today. Our seasoned DUI Lawyers offer free initial case evaluations, affordable rates, and incredible defense strategies.

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