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Will a domestic violence conviction affect my career in 2023?

Domestic violence convictions can have major repercussions on both your personal and professional lives. Anyone seeking work in California who has been convicted of domestic violence may find it challenging to be hired and maintain employment. People accused of domestic violence frequently worry about the possible effects on their professions due to the increased awareness and attention around issues of violence and abuse. California government has introduced a sensible law and rights for domestic violence victims.

How a conviction for domestic abuse can impact your work life in 2023?

Employment discrimination and the stigma

A conviction for domestic abuse can cause severe social shame and may even result in employment discrimination. Employers may be reluctant to recruit or keep persons with a history of felony domestic violence charges because they are becoming more sensitive about their public image.

Getting legal advice

A knowledgeable domestic violence attorney or employment discrimination lawyer in your region should be consulted immediately if you are accused of domestic abuse. An Orange County criminal defense attorney or a domestic violence attorney Los Angeles can assist you through the legal system, give you knowledge of the area’s laws and ordinances, and explain your legal rights in relation to job discrimination.

The expungement of record

Expungement record enables the sealing or erasure of the conviction from public records, which can lessen the damaging effects on your potential for advancement in your work. The qualifying requirements particular to your jurisdiction might help you explore this possibility by working with a record expungement lawyer.

Career restoration

A domestic violence conviction might present difficulties, but it should not be the end of your career dreams. Participating in counselling, therapy, or anger management courses might show that you are dedicated to your personal growth and that you have made an effort to deal with the problems that contributed to your conviction.

How our law firm will help you win your domestic violence lawsuit?

A powerful legal defense

In order to guarantee that your rights are upheld throughout the legal procedure, we offer strong legal counsel. Our group of devoted lawyers will tenaciously fight for you and put out a solid defense plan to refute any accusations levelled against you.

Testimony from an expert witness

We collaborate closely with a network of reputable specialists, including psychologists, doctors, and experts in domestic violence. Their qualified judgments and expert witness evidence can be crucial in bolstering your defense, offering insightful information about the case’s dynamics and possibly refuting unfounded claims.

Planning a strategic defense

We recognize the need of adjusting our defense plan to the particulars of each domestic violence case since each one is different. In order to fully comprehend your perspective and craft a strategy that accentuates any mitigating circumstances and discrepancies in the prosecution’s case, our attorneys will work directly with you.

Alternative dispute resolution and negotiation

Even while we aim to completely win your domestic abuse lawsuit, we may also consider negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution when necessary. Our seasoned negotiators will speak with the other side in an effort to reach an amicable agreement that safeguards your rights and interests.


Choosing the correct legal counsel while facing charges for domestic violence case can make all the difference in getting a successful result. You will win your domestic violence case with the assistance of our law firm’s significant expertise, tenacious legal defense, meticulous research, expert witness testimony, tactical defense strategy, savvy in negotiations, and ongoing support. Let us be your attorney so you won’t have to fight this lawsuit alone.  Contact the Law Offices of Kareem A. Ramadan at (888)-506-6519 for a free review of your case. 

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