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What our criminal defense lawyers do for your false imprisonment in California.

False imprisonment charge in California has a deep impact on the mental condition of the human being who has been charged and many times incidents like false imprisonment lower their confidence and make them feel guilty in their personal, professional, or social circle. Do you know what is false imprisonment, what is false imprisonment charge and when these charges are implemented?  False imprisonment is the illegal confinement of someone’s freedom of travel. Wrongful imprisonment, as defined under Section 236 of the California penal code for false imprisonment is a form of intentional limitation of another person’s right to mobility without their knowledge, consent, or justification. Also, such acts of false imprisonment in California are entitled to a penalty which is not higher than $1,000. Criminal defense attorneys, particularly the criminal defense attorney in Riverside, are capable of defending against these accusations, particularly in cases where there is violence. Thus, to successfully combat a false imprisonment allegation in California, never hesitate to get in touch with the attorneys at Kareem Law APC.

How to deal with California false imprisonment? Check out what our criminal defense lawyers will do to assist you:

  • Case Inspection: To determine the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, our criminal defense attorney in Riverside carefully goes over the specifics of your case, looking at witness testimony and supporting documentation.
  • Legal Advice: To make sure you are aware of your rights and the associated legal procedures, we offer thorough legal advice that explains the charges and definition of false imprisonment.
  • Evidence Collection: To prepare a strong defense against the false imprisonment allegation in California, our false imprisonment lawyer collects and reviews all available evidence, including communication logs and surveillance footage.        
  • Distinguish the Prosecution’s Arguments: At the time of preparing a defense to refuse the prosecution’s claims, the best criminal defense lawyers carefully review the evidence raised by the prosecution to check for errors or legal flaws.
  • Cross-Examining Witnesses: Skilled criminal defense attorney in Riverside first cross-examine witnesses as evidence is obtained to support the prosecution’s case against you, disprove the prosecution’s evidence, and provide alternative solutions to what happened.
  • Plea Agreement Response: Attorneys associated with us utilize their skills to negotiate plea deals where it makes sense to do so to guarantee the best outcome for your case by lowering fines or penalties.
  • Court Representation: To obtain an acquittal or a reduced sentence, our false imprisonment attorneys will represent you in court by putting up a strong defense, cross-examining witnesses, and making arguments.
  • Creation of a Customized Legal Plan: We create a legal plan that is specific to your case and takes into account all possible defenses and California’s false imprisonment statutes.
  • Filing Petitions: To fortify your case and safeguard your rights, our attorneys submit the required motions to suppress evidence, drop charges, or contest procedural inaccuracies.
  • Constant Support: Our criminal defense attorney in Riverside keeps you informed and involved at every stage of your defense plan by offering constant support and updates throughout the procedure.

Appoint the best criminal defense lawyer at Kareem Law APC to expunge false imprisonment charges on you.

Speak with the best criminal defense attorney at Kareem Law APC to get accusations of false imprisonment against you dropped. Our knowledgeable attorneys offer professional legal advice and representation, with a focus on California’s statutes about false incarceration. We do a thorough assessment of your case, compile important facts, and create a strong defense. Our objective is to get an acquittal or minimize your charges by submitting the required motions and contesting the prosecution’s case. Your rights are upheld throughout the process thanks to the hard work of our committed staff.


Consider the expertise and success rate of the attorneys at Kareem Law APCs if you are facing charges of wrongful imprisonment. Our legal firm’s top criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and getting the best outcome possible. Get your identity cleared and your freedom restored by scheduling a legal consultation with us right now at (888) 506-6519.

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