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What is AB 1509 and what new development in gun enhancement law?

California, which is recognized for its strict gun prohibitions, is constantly updating its legislative landscape to address the critical need for improved gun safety. In response to rising gun violence, the state has proposed AB 1509, a ground-breaking bill aimed at reinforcing existing restrictions and reducing gun-related incidents. Gun violence attorneys at Kareem Law APC play a crucial role in disseminating information about new gun enhancement laws in California. Our mission is to increase public awareness, fostering a safer environment through education on responsible gun ownership and compliance with the latest legal developments.

A brief on new gun enhancement laws in California 2023.

In 2023, California implemented new gun enhancement laws as part of its ongoing commitment to curb gun violence. These enhancements, outlined in AB 1509, signify a comprehensive approach to address the complexities surrounding gun-related crimes and promote a safer community. The state legislation has signed two new laws governing gun restrictions in California that will take effect in 2023 under Senate Bill No. 452. The legislation makes it illegal to carry handguns in most public areas and doubles the fee on guns and ammo sold in the state.

The federal government presently levies a 10% or 11% tax on gun and ammunition transactions. The new law raises the sales tax by 11%. As a result, California is the only state having a separate tax on firearms and ammunition.

A quick outlook on AB 1509 and new developments in gun enhancement law. 

AB 1509 brings significant changes to the state’s gun enhancement laws. It introduces measures to strengthen penalties for offenses involving firearms, ensuring a more robust deterrent against illicit activities. This development underscores California’s proactive stance in the fight against gun violence. The legislation categorizes specific offenses under the gun enhancement law, establishing clearer parameters for legal consequences. Understanding the nuances of AB 1509 is essential for both law enforcement and citizens alike, fostering a collective commitment to safer communities.

What are the requirements to own a gun in California and which type of gun is legal to carry? 

To navigate the California gun landscape effectively, it’s crucial to comprehend the types of guns legally permissible. Rifles, airsoft guns, handguns, and pellet guns each have distinct regulations explained below:

  • Rifles in California: Rifles are legal, but specific features like barrel length and detachable magazines are regulated. Compliance with these restrictions is crucial for lawful ownership and use.
  • Airsoft Guns in California: Airsoft guns are legal, and treated as imitation firearms. However, they must have specific features like an orange tip, and users should adhere to safety regulations and usage guidelines.
  • Handguns in California: Handguns are legal, but ownership requires a Handgun Safety Certificate. Strict regulations govern purchase, registration, and carrying, emphasizing safety measures and preventing illicit usage.
  • Pellet Guns in California: Pellet guns are generally legal, with restrictions on their use in city limits. Owners must follow safety guidelines, and understanding local ordinances is essential to ensure compliance.

Reach us! We will disclose the California gun laws list to make you more informed about the respective gun laws.

Connect with the expert gun defense lawyers at Kareem Law APC to gain access to an extensive California gun laws list. Our expert team ensures you are thoroughly informed about the nuanced regulations surrounding firearms, empowering you with the knowledge needed for responsible ownership. Whether it’s understanding legal carry, ownership requisites, or compliance nuances, we’re here to guide you through the intricate landscape of gun laws. Contact us today for a comprehensive briefing, fostering a safer and more informed approach to gun ownership in California.


The implementation of AB 1509 marks a pivotal moment in California’s ongoing efforts to prevent gun violence. It necessitates a collective commitment to understanding and adhering to the updated gun enhancement laws. At Kareem Law APC the leading law firm is ready to support this commitment by providing crucial information and resources to create a safer, more informed community. For a more in-depth understanding of California gun laws and AB 1509, reach out to us at (888) 506-6519 today.

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