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Know how our best gun crime lawyer Defend your crime case and Win your case.

Charges involving holding, buying, selling or manufacturing firearms like guns are serious felonies in California with harsh punishments. Most gun law violations, whether state or federal, carry heavy fines and/or extended jail sentences. Defendants usually have a lot of evidence against them, making it hard for them to get away with an unfair penalty. The federal government foresaw a rise in state and federal charges in February 2023 when it presented its first thorough analysis of gun-related crimes in the country in more than 20 years. In most situations when there are serious allegations involving firearms, the prosecution needs to go for the maximum penalty. You need a seasoned defense team from Kareem Law APC at the defense if you are being investigated, arrested, or charged.

The three common charges in federal gun crime cases:

  1. It is illegal for any individual to craft, import, or trade-in guns without a proper license.
  2. It is illegal to ship firearms as a licensed importer, manufacturer, dealer, or collector.
  3. It is illegal for anybody without a permit to purchase a weapon in one state and then move it to or sell it in another, state. 

Possible penalties in state and federal gun crime cases.

The penalties that are at risk in federal gun crime prosecutions vary depending on the particular offense (or charges) that are implicated. There are statutory penalties and maximum jail sentences of five or ten years for most infractions of 18 U.S.C. Section 922 and other federal gun regulations. Nevertheless, the maximum term for some gun offenses is 20 years. In addition, if a handgun is used in conjunction with the conduct of another federal felony, the maximum sentence might be 30, 40, or even 50 years, or even life.

Here’s how our best gun crime lawyer defend your crime case and win your case:

  • Legal Counsel Expertise: Expert legal advice is provided by our top Gun Crime Lawyer, who helps clients navigate the complexity of criminal defense while keeping a close eye on the Second Amendment.
  • Strategic Criminal Investigation: To find important information that might help build a solid defense against federal gun charges and felony firearm accusations, comprehensive criminal investigation techniques are used.
  • Professional Case Attorney: By using their in-depth understanding of Assault Defense and Self-Defense Laws, a committed gun defense attorney with specialized experience guarantees a customized case.
  • Stand Your Ground Advocacy: Utilizing the concepts of stand your ground, our defense highlights the individual’s right to self-defense by employing legal tactics to prove reasonable conduct.
  • Effective Pretrial Release: Securing a favourable release while assembling a strong defense requires adept lobbying for pretrial release and knowledge of concealed carry laws.
  • Strategic Self-Defense Law Application: Using a sophisticated knowledge of self-defense laws, our lawyer creates a defense that upholds the client’s legal right to self-defense.

Contact a defense lawyer today at Kareem Law APC.

The state rules controlling weapons and guns are complicated. Charges and punishments will differ based on the defendant’s past criminal history, specific facts, and the kind of alleged infraction.

The knowledgeable gun crime lawyer at Kareem Law APC will assist you with their tenacity, knowledge, and compassion. Our attorneys have had great success in several gun and weapon cases that did not first seem to be defendable. Our goal is to get the best possible result for every client by being able to build a potent weapons defense and vigorously defend you at trial.


The skilled criminal defense team at Kareem Law APC is available to assist you if you have been charged with a weapons offense, whether you were the sale or the owner. Our gun crime lawyer will hear your side of the story, assist in gathering evidence to support your defense, and see to it that it is told truthfully and impartially. Thus, get in touch with us at (888) 506-6519 right now for a consultation to ensure your victory in the Federal Gun Crime case.

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