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Is Robbery the Same as Burglary? Know from criminal defense robbery lawyer in CA.

Taking or snatching something forcefully or without the respective individual’s concern, permission or presence is actually how the term “Robbery” is officially defined in California. The state divides theft into two primary categories: first-degree theft, which covers offenses against individuals at their homes or when they use ATMs, and second-degree theft, which covers all other types of grand larceny. Depending on how bad the behavior was, a theft accusation may have several legal repercussions, such as fines, jail time, community service, probation, and reimbursement to the victim. The California Penal Code lists theft offenses, including grand theft and petty theft, along with the corresponding penalties under Sections 487 and 488. According to Section 211, robbing someone is defined as taking anything while under threat. Legal representation is essential to successfully negotiate the complexities of theft charges in California, strengthen defenses, and lower fines. Legal representation from Kareem Law APC’s robbery lawyers is essential to successfully negotiate the complexities of theft charges in California, strengthen defenses, and lower fines.

Burglary vs Robbery: A Brief Overview

In California, although there are some clear distinctions between the two, both burglary and robbery are considered significant theft charges. Whereas entering a residence when that is locked is another crime that is defined as a form of burglary. Nonetheless, if something is taken and the victim is intimidated or physically hurt, it is deemed robbery. 

California handles burglaries and robberies similarly in some situations. This happens when someone enters a building without authorization and exploits the victim by coercion or force to take money or belongings. We refer to this as a robbery. 

Those charged with burglaries and robberies in the Golden State need strong legal counsel from qualified theft criminal defense lawyers. In California, there are serious consequences related to being charged with robbery and burglary. They include long jail sentences and heavy fines. For knowing and getting the benefit of their legal rights and possibilities for the future, individuals should consult with experienced theft crime lawyers. For better odds of winning in court, anyone accused of stealing, shoplifting, embezzlement, burglary, or robbery needs legal representation from a competent robbery lawyer. 

Keep a robbery lawyer from Kareem Law APC by your side to win over the criminal charges in CA. 

You need our firm’s theft criminal defense attorney on your side if you want to successfully battle criminal accusations in California. The team of proficient attorneys at Kareem Law APC is dedicated to protecting your rights and getting the greatest result in court, and they specialize in theft charges. With their extensive knowledge of criminal defense and their grasp of California law, robbery lawyers will create a solid defense strategy just for your case and work uninterrupted to get a successful result. Trust our knowledgeable legal team to protect you and handle the legal system with the ability so you won’t have to handle theft charges by yourself.


If you are accused of theft crimes in California, do not hesitate to get legal representation from a professional criminal defense attorney associated with Kareem Law APC.  Our understanding of California law and experience with theft charges allow them to provide critical support and advocacy throughout court procedures. Get set to increase the probability of protecting your rights, avoiding penalties, and getting a favorable ruling if you have an experienced lawyer on your side. Contact us at (888) 506-6519 to get help for Robbery difference.

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