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Is burglary a violent crime? Understand it from our Top criminal defense lawyer in CA.

Burglary cases run for a long duration in the court of California and burglary charges in California are very dangerous where, if the crime is proven, the victim has to face a severe punishment and a budget-shaking penalty as described in the California burglary laws under penal code section 459. Although burglary is classified as a violent crime, do you know why burglary is a specific-intent crime? It is regarded as a violent crime since it entails breaking into a place without permission to commit a crime, which may result in conflict and endanger the safety of those within. If you are convicted of burglary charges in California you must take legal suggestions from the top criminal defense attorney associated with the Kareem Law APC.

Under California burglary laws when does burglary is a specific intent crime and when is burglary a violent crime?

Depending on the specifics of the case, burglaries in California may be prosecuted as violent crimes or crimes with a particular purpose. Because it requires the culprit to have the particular purpose of conducting a felony or theft upon entering a structure, burglary is classified as a specific intent offense. This purpose sets burglary apart from simple trespassing.

However, because there is a chance of conflict and injury to residents or property owners, burglaries are often sometimes is burglary a violent crime. When an individual enters into a place that is commercial to commit a crime, there is always a risk of violence, whether that violence switches into physical force or is simply the prospect of it.

Consult with a renowned criminal defense attorney who can advise you if you are accused of burglary. They have experience with burglary cases in Los Angeles and other places and are knowledgeable about the laws of burglaries in California. A top criminal defense lawyer in the Golden State can defend your rights, help you navigate the complex legal system, and fight for a favorable judgment.

Expunge your Los Angeles criminal records for burglary cases with the lawyers at Kareem Law APC.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Kareem Law APC can help you delete burglary charges from your criminal record in Los Angeles. Our knowledgeable staff specializes in expungement, assisting people in putting their previous sins behind them. We will compassionately and expertly guide you through the expungement procedure since we comprehend the nuances of California law and keep you updated about why s is burglary a violent crime. You can enhance your general quality of life, housing options, and job chances by having your records expunged. Do not permit your past convictions to destroy your future and life ahead. Get the needed legal support from our skilled lawyers to defend your legal rights.


Depending on the circumstances, that makes us believe that is burglary a violent crime. Violence is not always involved in burglaries, according to the top criminal defense attorney in California at Kareem Law APC, even though they often include breaking into a building to conduct a crime.  This categorization is influenced by elements like the presence of firearms or conflict with inhabitants. It’s essential to comprehend subtleties like these while developing legal defense tactics. Speak with our knowledgeable attorneys to successfully navigate the complexity of criminal law and protect your rights at (888) 506-6519.

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