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Facts That Depicts California Child Abuse In 2023

Child abuse in California is a grave issue that necessitates a thorough understanding of the state’s stringent laws. Recognizing what constitutes child abuse charges in California is paramount. These charges cover acts that put a child’s safety in peril by causing them physical, psychological, or sexual harm. In 2021 CACI contained references to more than 700,000 reports of child abuse. An experienced child sexual abuse lawyer at Kareem Law APC can be your best ally during such issues of child abuse in CA. We’ll skillfully navigate the intricacies of California child abuse legislation to tenaciously and precisely defend your case.

What is considered child neglect in California? Here is the list:

Failure to provide for a child’s basic needs is considered child abuse and is referred to as child neglect. Child neglect in California includes:

  • Poor Control: Charges of child neglect may develop when a child is not given adequate attention or monitoring, especially if the child’s physical or mental health is affected.
  • Lack of Essential Needs: Under California child abuse laws, negligence happens when someone’s parent fails to give basic requirements to a child such as food, shelter, or healthcare.
  • Emotional Neglect: Negligence is not limited to physical possessions. Emotional neglect, such as chronic rejection, indifference, or exposure to domestic violence, can also lead to child neglect charges.

Actions to take when False Allegations of child abuse in California:

False claims of child abuse can have disastrous effects, including severe mental suffering and loss of reputation. If you are falsely charged, you must:

  • Seek legal counsel immediately: Consult a child abuse lawyer who understands the nuances of child abuse cases in California, helping you navigate the legal system.
  • Gather evidence: Collect any evidence that can prove your innocence, such as witness testimonies or medical records.
  • Maintain composure: Stay composed and cooperate with authorities while working closely with your lawyer to build a solid defense.

Multiple considerations that are involved in protecting children from abuse and neglect are explained in Penal Code section 11164.        

The way a child support lawyer at Kareem Law APC helps you in CA:

In California, child support lawyers play a pivotal role in ensuring that children receive the financial support they deserve. These legal experts at Kareem Law APC assist in various aspects, including:

  • Negotiating child support agreements: Child support lawyers can help you reach fair agreements that consider the child’s best interests.
  • Modifying existing orders: If your circumstances change, child lawyers can guide you through the process of modifying existing support orders.
  • Enforcing child support settlements: When parents fail to meet their duties, child support attorneys could bring legal action to compel adherence.


Child abuse is a major issue in California, and there are laws enacted that safeguard children against physical, mental, and sexual harm. Child neglect cases are equally important, addressing situations where a child’s basic needs or supervision are neglected. To protect your rights and reputation, you should consult with a child abuse attorney as soon as false allegations of child abuse become public. Child support attorneys at Kareem Law APC are critical in ensuring that children receive enough financial support in child support disputes. In California, whenever you are facing child abuse allegations or child support issues, get qualified legal counsel to protect your rights and ensure the safety of your kids. Call at (888)-506-6519.

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