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California Gun Crimes Laws for Gun Crime in 2024 know through a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

In California, you are required to be 21 years old to purchase a pistol and at least 18 to purchase a shotgun or rifle. Possessing such guns is banned under Penal Code 30605 PC. Furthermore, California’s firearms regulations make it illegal to carry a hidden handgun or weapon. This felony, however, will not be charged if you have a valid concealed carry permit. State legislators have acted to pass further gun laws in response to gun violence and the country’s continuous rise in gun violence. A Los Angeles gun crime lawyer will provide you with more details on it.

Senate Bill 2 limited the carrying of guns by licensed gun owners in several “highly vulnerable” settings, such as public transit, financial institutions, playgrounds, sports arenas, meeting places, and churches. Yet, the law will not take full effect on January 1 as planned, Nevertheless, a lot of its assets will be seen into action. For grasping a detailed understanding of the California Gun Laws 2024 talk to a skilled criminal defense lawyer directly at Kareem Law APC. 

What percentage of gun crimes are committed with illegal guns?

In 2023, the state of California had 18,874 firearm fatalities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 48,830 persons died in the United States from gun-related injuries in 2021, the most recent year with comprehensive data available. That statistic includes gun homicides and suicides, as well as three less common categories of gun-related fatalities reported by the CDC: unintentional, law enforcement-involved, and circumstances unknown. The number eliminates fatalities in which gunshot injuries were a significant, but not primary, factor. The overall increase in gun deaths in the United States includes a particularly sharp surge among children and teenagers under the age of 18.  

California’s gun safety laws are profoundly impacted with some clear aims.

California’s gun safety laws seek to prevent gun violence and reduce crime by enacting strict restrictions. Criminal defense attorneys frequently meet felony charges in California relating to gun offenses, demonstrating the state’s dedication to reducing unlawful weapon activity. While some believe that California’s gun crime rate remains an issue, supporters argue that these regulations contribute to a reduction in overall gun violence. The emphasis on self-defense remains fundamental in legal arguments on guns. Despite continuous discussions, the state continues to try to strike a balance between Second Amendment rights and the need to curb the worrying trend of gun violence increase.

The role a Gun Crime Lawyer at Kareem Law APC will play in your lawsuit.

A Gun Crime attorney at Kareem Law APC may help your lawsuit by providing specialist knowledge in firearm-related legal concerns. They handle the complexity of gun regulations, preparing an aggressive defense opposing criminal charges or providing assistance in situations involving gun violence in California. This attorney has a thorough understanding of California gun crime laws, which they use to develop a strong defense or achieve favorable outcomes. With expertise in criminal defense, a Los Angeles gun crime lawyer will safeguard your rights and fight hard to get the best possible outcome for your case.


Confiding a Gun Crime attorney from our Kareem Law APC at (888) 506-6519 offers a persistent ally as you navigate the complexities of firearm-related legal issues. With their specific expertise and dedication to criminal defense, they become a lifeline in protecting your rights and achieving positive outcomes. Whether you’re struggling with the aftermath of a gun-related event, a Los Angeles gun crime lawyer is eager to provide the legal assistance you need.

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