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Are You Aware of Drug Crime Charges in CA? Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Understanding the complexity of drug criminal charges in the Golden State is critical to preserving your freedom. Drug trafficking and drug distribution charges in California are for the illegal imports, shipping, or sale of outlawed illicit drugs. To achieve good results for those we represent, our skilled criminal defense attorneys apply strategic defense methods, cross-examine evidence, and uphold due process. The expert drug crime lawyer at Kareem Law APC negotiates the complexity of the legal system with a lot of knowledge to preserve your rights and liberties.

Are you aware of the listed critical drug crime charges in CA?

  1. The Act of Possessing with Intent to Distribute: 
    This allegation involves the intent to sell or distribute banned narcotics, which has serious consequences.
  2. Search and Retrieval Rights: 
    Knowing your rights during searches is critical if you want to challenge evidence collected illegally.
  3. Dangerous Drugs Charge: 
    Charges involving the possession or distribution of dangerous substances have serious repercussions and need a strong defense.

What type of drugs are legal in California or is possession of drugs a felony? Here’s a brief.

The legality of drugs varies in California, and some substances can result in criminal drug charges if found in possession. Below are the main points:

  • Permitted Marijuana: 
    Marijuana is acceptable for both medicinal and recreational use as long as certain requirements are met. According to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, possessing cannabis has also been permitted in the state since November 2016.
  • Over-The-Counter Drugs: 
    Popular medications can be legally possessed in the state, if they strictly adhere to usage rules.
  • Prescription medicines: 
    It is illegal and criminal legislation to possess prescription drugs if you do not have a valid prescription. Be aware that the legal ownership of popular drugs is dependent on usage instructions.

On the other hand, the possession of illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, etc, is taken as a felony charge in the state. Remember that the possession of various prescription medications without authorization is both prohibited and penalized by law. Learning these distinctions is critical for avoiding legal complications.

A quick overview of California drug laws and penalties.

A complex web of restrictions may be found while navigating the complicated structure of California’s drug laws, which are principally overseen by the Health and Safety Code. Penal Code 11350 addresses felonies related to drug possession, such as illegal possession of substances that are forbidden. These are very serious violations, with harsh fines and jail terms possible for offenders. Anyone looking to put up a strong defense must keep up with the subtleties of these criminal regulations. Drug trafficking attorneys’ knowledge and experience are necessary to evaluate and contest these laws, guaranteeing a strong defense plan customized to your particular situation.

How to find a good criminal defense lawyer and why Kareem Law APC is known as the team of the best criminal defense attorneys? 

Locating a stellar criminal defense attorney involves thorough research, and considering qualifications, experience, and client reviews. Seek recommendations, explore online resources, and schedule consultations to assess compatibility and expertise. At Kareem Law APC we stand out as premier drug crime defense lawyers. Our skilled group of drug crime lawyers combines a wealth of legal knowledge with a proven track record of effective defense tactics. We put the needs of our clients first, guaranteeing a tailored and determined strategy to achieve the greatest results. You can rely on us to defend your future and rights.


Trust Kareem Law APC with your defense if you are charged with a narcotics felony. With their expertise in handling California’s complex drug laws, our criminal defense attorney can provide strong counsel that is customized for your particular situation. With a legal team committed to defending your rights, secure your freedom. Get in touch at (888) 506-6519 with the drug crime lawyers at our law firm right now for a consultation and start building a strong defense against accusations relating to drugs.

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