Domestic Violence

It no secret that domestic violence crimes is a rapidly growing problem in our community that is subsequently garnering a lot of attention from prosecutors in our criminal justice system.

What is Domestic Violence?

A domestic violence crime can occur when someone is being accused of causing physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse to another person. The most common scenario occurs in the family home between spouses, cohabitants, and even your extended family members. Domestic violence crimes cover a wide range of behavior which may include, verbal threats, harassment, stalking, sexual assault and physical assault.

California Law on Domestic Violence

Under California law, it is unlawful to use physical force or threaten to cause bodily harm to a spouse, or other intimate partner or family member.

California domestic violence laws are designed to prosecute abuse behaviors made to one’s spouse, co-habitants, dating partners, ex-spouses and children. One does not have to actually cause visible injuries to another to be charged with this offense. Furthermore, it is generally charged as a misdemeanor but could be charged as a felony depending on how serious of an injury the victim suffered and the defendant’s prior criminal history.

Domestic Violence Penalties in California

The consequences for a domestic violence crime are extremely serious. If one is found guilty of a domestic violence crime, they could face a lengthy prison sentence, heavy fines, probation and a severely damaged reputation in their community. Additionally, the Court can also prohibit you from ever making contact with the victim which often times can be someone you are very close with. Additionally immigration consequences may also apply if the individual is charged with the crime of domestic violence is not a U.S. citizen.


If you are under investigation or have been charged with a domestic violence crime it is critical to act fast and obtain the services of an experienced domestic violence attorney to protect your rights. It is important that you begin to plan your defense and review your legal options with a qualified lawyer. The Law Offices of Kareem A. Ramadan has successfully protected many individuals accused of domestic violence crimes from unnecessary prosecution and avoidance of serious criminal penalties. Contact the Law Offices of Kareem A. Ramadan today for a free case evaluation today.

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